The Professor at ArtsPort

The cybernavigator's island in the professor's imaginary place, Emeralda


The Mini Halfwood Press in an early stage of development, awaiting a turning wheel and the wood hood over the roller.  Learn the story of the professor's press-making saga in his 2016 book, "A Printmakers' Tale" available on amazon in both paperback and ebook. Click here.

The professor saws a 12" copper plate to begin an engraving, already cut from the left edge almost to the right, then he switches and cuts in the other direction. You can use a hacksaw and light oil to cut plate. For larger plates use a different type of hacksaw blade holder. (2000)

Working on the fifth Mariner Halfwood Press, the press upside down in its rack. The earmuffs cut down the noise of the sander and vacuum dust catchers. (Dec 2007)

The professor won an ArtsPort cap on July 13, 2021 for his achievements in making caps for all ten islands. The caps will be available on the ArtsPort bookshop. (2021)



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