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The press featured above is the Pram Halfwood Press designed by Bill Ritchie - the nearest to a perfect press,
engineered by Tom Kughler. The press has a built-in flash memory drive for Bill's teaching, his idea for the IoT.
a forerunner of a printmaking artist and teacher's Internet of Things, the implanting of teaching data in hardware.
Five more presses comprise the Halfwood Line, excluding the Wee Woodie Rembrandt Presses (not shown).

Click the day pass stamps to see one-minute practicum videos by Bill Ritchie

Conceived in 1986 by former professor Bill H. Ritchie as part of the Perfect Studios principle,
Perfect Press is now a Division of Emeralda Works, LLC,
hand printmaking experiences.
Printing, in blends of the physical and digital worlds, helps individual artists, crafts people, and designers advance their
Human Structural Intellectual Capital (HSIC) and Intellectual Properties (IP).

For more information email ritchie@seanet.com

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