The Professor of Video 'N Print

Theory and practice of video and printmaking--how they complement and contrast with each other in a world between tradition and technology. Here are snapshots in Professor Ritchie's diary on his make-believe island studio in at Video 'N print in Emeralda Region

In the picture above I'm wrapping up another Lisel Salzer production -this one is of her new video of Lisel receiving the Cross of Merit in Gold from the Salzburg Governor. You can learn more about Lisel on my web and also in papers here and in Austria. There's a DVD, too.
The snapshot above was taken on May 22, 2004, the first day the steel parts of the Halfwood Press was set up in my studio on Taylor Avenue in Seattle. I have a lot more to do--namely to create the wooden parts and the handle to turn the rollers. Learn more by reading Halfwood Press: The Story